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Collective bargaining 2017: Marked improvements obtained in the mediation proposal

?There are decent pay rises and better opportunities for education and training for the next three years. We are taking further steps in the fight against social dumping and 2017 marks the year where we have obtained full pay during parental leave on the private sector labour market. A very positive development? says LO's President, Lizette Risgaard.

The government ignores judgement against Uber-drivers

- I am deeply disappointed that the Minister for Justice, Søren Pind, has no mind to do anything to stop the illegal Uber-drivers who are still operating in Danish cities. This is an affront to all the other drivers who observe the law and pay their taxes, says LO-Vice President, Nanna Højlund.

More good years on the labour market

-The politicians? notion that the challenges facing the economy can be dealt with simply by raising the pensionable age over and over again is a no go. There are major groups in society who are already so worn down that they are struggling just to endure a normal working life.