The stance of the Minister for Justice is in stark contrast with the average LO-worker, according to a recent survey by Epinion, which shows that Uber should be banned in Denmark on the basis of the judgement this summer which convicted six Uber-drivers for illegal taxicab-driving.

According to the survey, 61 percent believe that Uber should be banned from operating in Denmark after the judgement.

17 percent say that the legislation should be amended so that Uber can continue their services without having to live up to the current requirements for taxicab-driving.

22 percent reply “don?t know?.

In September, the Minister for Justice announced that he would wait to implement any consequences against Uber until the multinational itself had been tried in court.

– The City Court has already decided that it is a case of pirate driving.

It is therefore a political stance to refrain from assigning extra staff in the streets to stop the very extensive, illegal Uber taxicab-driving which is deeply anti-competitive towards taxi drivers who observe the rules, get a decent salary and pay their taxes, says Nanna Højlund.

LO has, from the outset, called for a taskforce to be appointed with the participation of the Police, the Danish Tax and Customs Administration (SKAT) and other relevant authorities, who would be able to efficiently put a stop to the illegal taxi driving.

However, unfortunately, the politicians have not been unwilling to do so, and now we are stuck in this mess with a government that remains passive in the face of illegal acts, says Nanna Højlund.