– Trump was never my cup of tea. However, we have to respect the result of the American election.  The American voters have made their choice, says LO’s President.

– That being said, the election of Trump does not bode well for Danish exports.

It is, among others, the very negative rhetoric of Donald Trump on free trade, which concerns LO’s President.

– He stands for a United States which shuts itself away from the rest of the world.

And that tendency is not good news for Danish workplaces.

– The US is Denmark?s third biggest export market and tens of thousands of Danish jobs therefore depend on our exports to the Americans, says LO?s President, Lizette Risgaard.

Important to maintain close dialogue

Time will tell what the actual consequences of his policy will be for the Danish economy and Danish workplaces.

It is important that we hold on to the close dialogue and cooperation we have with the Americans in an attempt to limit the loss of Danish workplaces, says Lizette Risgaard.