We have encouraged changing Danish governments to ratify this protocol since 2014. We are therefore very pleased to learn that the Danish government now formally joins this global effort says Arne Grevsen.

The protocol specifically aims to prevent human trafficking for forced labour exploitation. With this ratification, Denmark is, among other things, obligated to prepare a national strategy and action plan to prevent forced labour.

– We already have an action plan in place against forced labour in Denmark. However, it was an important signal when the International Labour Conference in 2014 adopted the protocol. It is an equally important signal that we now ratify it. In a world where more than 20 million people are victims of forced labour, there is a need for global commitment to put a stop to this atrocious practice, says Arne Grevsen.

According to the Ministry of Employment, the Danish Institute for Human Rights has assessed that 37 individuals in Denmark have been victims of human trafficking for forced labour since 2007.