LO and FTF?s affiliated unions – the organisations behind the green ?OK?-label – have started a campaign.

LO and FTF encourage Danes to cast a critical eye on their pay slip.

Danes are notoriously trusting – however when it comes to their pay slips, they are a little too trusting.

According to a recent survey from Epinion, 92 % of Danes trust that the contents of their pay slips are correct.

Meanwhile, paradoxically, every second respondent stated that he or she had found mistakes in their pay slips when checking that the number of hours listed, the allowances, holidays and pension contributions were correct.

Trust is good, but control is better

– The pay slip is one of the places which always warrants extra attention.

– Mistakes are not necessary due to negligence or cheating on the part of the employer – mistakes simply just happen.

– However, when the number of mistakes that are discovered during salary checks is so elevated, I encourage everyone to check one more time.

– Trust is good, but control is better in this respect.

– Think of how many mistakes that may not even be discovered and how much money that you may be cheated out of, says LO?s President, Lizette Risgaard.

Casting a second glance

Together with their affiliated unions, LO and FTF (The Confederation of Professionals in Denmark) who represent 1.5 million workers, call on the Danes to cast a second glance at their pay slips.

– Either by scrutinizing it themselves or letting their union do it for them.

– Many members have difficulty telling what the different entries on the pay slip are about and which allowances, pension contributions and holiday payments they are entitled to.

– We trade union organisations therefore offer to provide guidance to members and assist them in finding out what they are entitled to in accordance with the collective agreement they are covered by, says the FTF-President, Bente Sorgenfrey.

According to the survey, as many as 45 percent of all Danes have detected mistakes in their pay slips.

And these mistakes typically mean lost income in the form of pay, allowances, holiday pay, pension contributions etc.

LO and FTF?s affiliated unions – the organisations behind the green ?OK?-label – have started a campaign which includes campaigns in the city centres and visits to workplaces to perform pay slip checks during the next four weeks with an extra reminder to the Danes to remember to look at their pay slips and that their unions are happy to help them make sure they get the pay they are entitled to.

The OK-label

A guarantee that the product or service that it labels is backed by an underlying collective agreement ?for which the acronym is OK – and that it supports the Danish collective agreement-based labour market system.

– for example, in connection with pay slip checks, the campaign asks;

?Is your pay slip OK?

Your pay level is a result of the collective agreement system in Denmark.

Your pay is affected by results obtained during collective bargaining.

Your union can assist you in checking that your pay is correct because they know your collective agreement, your profession and your trade.?

1.5 million Danes are members of a trade union under the auspices of the central organisations LO and FTF.