The International Labour Organization is paving the way forward. In 2015, the ILO introduced a number of guidelines for the just transition, with a special emphasis on the active engagement of the world of work.

It is imperative that just transition sheds light on the social and economic aspects of our transition towards an environmentally sustainable future. Trade unions must share, inspire and lead the way towards a just transition in practice.

Bente Sorgenfrey

The guidelines aim at helping countries at all levels of the transition, as both a practical tool and as a policy framework. Therefore, they offer advisement for both governments and social partners.

Workers are both highly affected by, and hold the knowledge and competence to affect the just transition.

While we need international initiatives to join our efforts in reaching our common goal, we must not forget the resources that are right in front of us. 

Through worker involvement and sharing the good examples of what works in practice, we can inspire each other, become wiser together, and speed up the just, green transition.

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Green Transition Together

This is our proposal for a climate plan for 2030. It is a master plan.

We call it a master plan because it comprises all major sectors and because it does not just point to narrow climate initiatives but also to necessary supportive measures:

A healthy and safe work environment, worker participation, training and education, skills development and job security.