In February last year, the employer-organization “The Confederation of Danish Industry”, and the workers’ representation “CO-industri” initiated a collective agreement aiming to step up the cooperation between employers and employees in the Danish industrial sector for the green transition.

The collective agreement marks an important move for the green transition in taking advantage of the workers’ specific ideas and competences

Bente Sorgenfrey, Vice-President the Danish Trade Union Confederation

The collective agreement also recognizes the need for further education, securing the workers with good career prospects in the face of increasing demands from the green transition on “green competences” – leading to better, green solutions for the corporations.

In addition to the environmental aspects, worker participation for the green transition has shown to improve the working environment in terms of better health and safety – creating better jobs.

From an economic point of view, larger efforts on becoming more sustainable in the environmental sense can strengthen the corporations’ competitiveness in the global, green market, as well as saving the enterprises’ resources and expenses.

Green proposals from workers have shown to improve safety and health at work, as well as establishing a greater sense of ownership to the transition among the workers.

BENTE SORGENFREY, Vice-President the Danish Trade Union Confederation

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