The Chief Economist’s comment is based on LO?s economic forecast – May 2018, which has just been published. Here, LO predicts a 2 pct. growth in GDP the coming years. At the same time, labour force participation will increase by 90,000 persons from 2017-2020.

– There are many indications that the positive development in economic growth and employment will continue. We do not expect that there will be any risks of overheating in the coming years even though employment will reach an all-time high of 3 million in a few years, says Allan Lyngsø Madsen.

The workforce will be growing steadily these years and the potential for further growth in employment is therefore strong. The majority of companies get the workers they need and labour shortages are very modest and almost unchanged compared to last year. In certain areas, however, there are challenges when it comes to attracting employees with specific qualifications, including skilled workers.

No one must be left behind

The most important thing for the Danish economy now is to ensure that we make use of the favourable situation to ensure jobs for everyone and solid, long-term growth.

– It is absolutely crucial that we invest in those who are marginalised and without a foothold on the labour market. At the moment, we have a golden opportunity to include everyone through social- and employment policy efforts, says LO?s Chief Economist.

We need to invest in training, education and skills’ upgrading. This will also contribute to a better match between the qualifications that are in demand and the qualifications held by the workforce.

– And we also need to remember that the private and public sectors are mutually dependent. We have to set aside funds for accommodating the rising need for public services in keeping with the growth in population and wealth. Public welfare services help create the necessary framework for growth and prosperity.