Along with heads of state and government from around the world, Lizette Risgaard went to Davos, Switzerland, to take part in the annual World Economic Forum. LO’s President had been selected to give speeches on the future of work.

On trade and Trump

LO?s President left a little message for Donald Trump

? Trump and I have something in common. We were both invited to this year?s summit in Davos and we will both take the stand and give a speech. This is, however, where our similarities end

– While Mr Trump pursues trade barriers and protectionist policies, I believe in international collaboration and trade.

– In the face of protectionist political views from the U.S, it is essential that we closely scrutinize trade policy, especially the sustainability chapters within those agreements, in order to clarify the political commitments and responsibilities in future trade agreements.

Workers optimistic about the future of work

When it comes to the future of work, Danish workers are generally positive towards future trends such as automation, digitization and globalization. Lizette Risgaard offered explanations to this, mainly positive, outlook in Denmark;

Danish workers know that these trends will bring changes and challenges with them but most are confident that they will also create growth, jobs and opportunities. Now, why is that? I believe it is not least because we invest in people. Among others by focusing on lifelong learning so that workers are skilled, innovative and well equipped for changing jobs, said Lizette Risgaard as she addressed the forum.

Education is key to helping workers adapt to the future labour market

Trade is a prerequisite for our high living conditions and prosperity. However, only as long as it is happening on fair terms and benefits everyone. This requires trade agreements that respect the rights of workers. This, again, requires investments into social security and education, so that we are able to adapt to the changing labour marked.

The two events LO?s President was asked to give her speech were,?The Future(s) of Work: Automation or Augmentation? and ?Shaping the Future of Production with Labour Unions?.

Lizette Risgaard was part of the international trade union delegation.