– I look forward to the discussions in the Disruption Council established by the government. Hopefully, together, we can find solutions that ensure that people will continue to feel safe and trust that they will be able to manoeuvre the labour market of the future says Lizette Risgaard.

– Because people who are secure are not afraid to meet challenges and seize opportunities, while insecure people hesitate. We therefore need to invest massively in skills development – and not make cuts to welfare and training, says Lizette Risgaard.

The government risks disrupting the Disruption Council

When artificial intelligence, robots and 3D-printers really impact the Danish market, we need a solid and strong community.

According to Lizette Risgaard, secure people are not afraid to meet challenges and seize opportunities, while insecure people hesitate. Therefore, if the government fails to invest in people, it risks disrupting its own ?Disruption Council?.

-?Disruption? – what does it even mean? Directly translated it means disturbance or interruption, but it?s also a buzzword for the changes that technology creates in our society and at workplaces and it is a phenomenon whereby business areas or entire industries are changed or disappear.

-?Disruption? is what our postal workers are experiencing at the moment. They are working at an increasingly higher pace, conscientiously and well. Nevertheless, their work is disappearing. Because we send e-mails and texts instead of writing letters. This makes life easier for a lot of people but the postal workers pay the price for this development.

Four in ten job functions will be automated

Almost four in ten job functions on the Danish labour market can, with existing technology, be automated today.

Society benefits from giant technological leaps. It is therefore important that it gives a helping hand to those that are left behind in the process. If we don?t do this, our society will lose its cohesion.

Because security and trust are essential Danish values. They are what gives people the confidence to be open to changes.

– I therefore encourage the government to forget all about tax breaks, to drop the massive cost-cutting and its ideas of raising the retirement age. The government will not bring everyone into the future without investments – not cuts, Lizette Risgaard concludes.