The aim of FH – Danish Trade Union Confederation is to contribute to a society that focuses more on solidarity and democracy, to the benefit of workers. A society in which everyone has the opportunity to get an education and good and healthy jobs in order to provide for themselves and their families.

A pillar of the welfare society

The new central organisation much continue to work to further develop the Danish welfare society. The trade union movement constitutes one of its pillars.

The ability of workers and employers to negotiate on pay- and working conditions is crucial to the success of the Danish model where a strong economy goes hand in hand with a high level of security.

– This is why, in the new organisation, we stand guard over our strong bargaining system whereby collective agreements ensure a good working life and good wages. The Danish labour market model is simply a prerequisite for the welfare society that we know and love, says LO?s President, Lizette Risgaard.

Sees to the interests of workers at all levels  

The Trade Union Confederation works to influence political decisions and specific legislation to the benefit of workers and society. Among other things, this is done through active lobbying in the form of tripartite negotiations with the government and the employers as well as participation in a long line of councils and committees – both at the international, European, national, regional and local levels.

– With 1.4 million members, we will be the main lobbyist for Danish workers. We know their everyday lives and the challenges they face, and we know that now, more than ever, we need a strong trade union movement that sees to their interests vis-à-vis politicians and employers, says FTF-President, Bente Sorgenfrey.

The political leadership of the Danish Trade Union Confederation will be; President, Lizette Risgaard, First Vice President, Bente Sorgenfrey and Vice Presidents Arne Grevsen, Ejner K. Holst, Nanna Højlund, Majbrit Berlau and Morten Skov Christiansen.