As a consequence of the agreement between the Social-Liberal Party, the Danish Peoples? Party and the Social Democrats, DKK 10m will now be allocated to targeted tax control of platform companies.

– It is really positive that LO?s proposal to ensure targeted control with the digital platforms has attracted attention. New technology and new business models are welcome in Denmark. However, there must be fair competition. To this end, tax payment is, of course, important just as it is important that legislation is actually enforced. The first steps towards this goal are now being taken says LO Vice-President, Nanna Højlund.

Automatic reporting is a win-win

The agreement also means that the highest deductions for short-term residential letting require automatic reporting to the tax authorities.

– Automatic reporting to the tax authorities will not only ensure that platforms and their users contribute to society, but will actually make reporting easier for platform companies ? thus saving time. We would have preferred an approach that includes the “stick” as well as the “carrot” when it come to the platforms that choose not to cooperate. However, I note that the parties have agreed to look at the requirements for automatic reporting to SKAT – also for foreign companies.

Turning a profit is not the definition of “sharing”

With the agreement, a so-called ?sharing economy council? is established. It will involve the social partners.

– The agreement is a good first step. However, there are still pending issues when it comes to employers? liability towards the persons working on the platform. How do we avoid digital day labourers who don?t get pension contributions, pay during sickness, maternity leave etc.? Modern business models take on a responsibility for their employees. It is therefore positive that a council has been established with the participation of the social partners. Here, the social partners, the government and experts in this field can discuss how to establish a fair framework for this area.

– But I still find it odd that people insist on calling it the ?sharing? economy when turning a profit is the main aim of most platforms. This does not amount to ?sharing? in my world. There is nothing wrong with making a profit – but let?s be honest, says Nanna Højlund who prefers the more objective term ?platform economy?.