Denmark has – in certain sectors – experienced problems with letterbox companies that are used to circumvent rules on workers? rights.

It has been difficult to establish whether or not, for example, a Romanian company posting workers is actually established in its home country.

This agreement facilitates a stronger cooperation between the two countries? authorities to alleviate some of the negative consequence that occur when the posting of workers violates EU- and national regulation.

The exchange of information about serious, fatal and collective accidents that involve citizens of the other country is a cornerstone of the agreement which was signed today.


Greater transparency and enforcement


The Danish Minister for Employment, Troels Lund Poulsen, and his counterpart, the Romanian Minister, Lia-Olguta Vasilescu, signed the final agreement today.


Commenting on the agreement, the Danish Minister said that,


-The free movement of labour means that more foreign workers find their way to the Danish labour market. This is a positive thing ? not least at a time with a shortage of workers. However, the work must be on decent conditions and must comply with laws and regulations. I am therefore pleased that we have concluded this agreement with Romania which commits us to a stronger cooperation between our authorities when it comes to ensuring that companies observe the rules on posted workers.


-The agreement will create greater transparency and make it easier for authorities to exchange information and to check that rules are obeyed when Romanian workers come to Denmark to work. This makes the agreement an important piece in the puzzle to ensure decent conditions on the labour market.


Danish unions have fought to get this far

The agreement comes after a long process whereby Danish trade unions have sought to improve their collaboration with Romanian officials to combat social dumping. It is therefore also an important win for LO-Denmark which constantly works to improve the conditions for all workers on the Danish labour market.


Photo and quotes from the Ministry for Employment here