In a panel with the confederations? presidents and the EU-Commissioner, questions from the audience revolved around the newly adopted Pillar of Social Rights and the Danish model. Some of the most important topics were:

The only threat to the Danish model is copycats

According to the Commissioner, ?Once the Pillar of Social Rights has been adopted in Gothenburg, it represents a political document that in many ways reflects what we are already doing in Denmark.”

?This is great. The Danish model is not threatened – only when it comes to copycats – because there are many in the EU who are very inspired by it?, the Commissioner playfully added.

The employers? position was a disappointment

?I can assure you, the pillar of social rights does not affect the Danish model?, Commissioner Vestager repeated.

?Every time I run into Commissioner for Employment, Ms Thyssen, in the corridor, she immediately says to me: ?I know, I know, we have to accommodate the Danish model?.

?That is why I felt a tinge of disappointment when I read the Nordic employers? position on the pillar – that they will opt for a minimum of social responsibility?, Ms Vestager added on a more serious note.

The European services e-card: the difference between falling in love and eternal love

?The Commission is very committed to everything that you represent in the trade union movement?, vowed Margrethe Vestager.

Gunde Odgaard from the Federation of Building, Construction and Woodworkers’ Unions quickly replied by saying ?if the Commission loves us so much, why have you introduced the services e-card which opens to social dumping??.

?Falling in love and eternal love are not the same thing?, the Commissioner replied good-naturedly.

?- Well, I guess that even couples who have been together for many years still have their battles once in a while?, said Gunde Odgaard.

?Well, that?s certainly what it?s like for me?, Ms Vestager picked up, adding that ?When you love someone, you can still, many years into the relationship, debate whether or not the loudspeakers should be placed in the living room?.

There is no flexicurity without security

In the panel with the EU-Commissioner, LO?s President, Lizette Risgaard underlined that if all decision-makers stand up for the social partners and decent social conditions such as Commissioner Vestager, the EU would have much to gain.

She added that, ?It?s positive that Mr Macron and others take an interest in our model, but they need to remember that there is no flexicurity without security.?


The European services e-card: 

In January, the European Commission presented a proposal for a European services e-card which aims to allow foreign companies to operate in other EU member states based on a registration with the authorities in the home country.

The control with the company is thereby transferred from the host country to the home country. LO fears that, in the long term, this could erode the control mechanisms that we have in place to fight social dumping in Denmark.


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