Danish workers do not fear automation, digitization and robots on the labour market.

These are the most recent findings of the globalisation survey.

On the contrary, a majority among Danish workers, including unemployed workers, across all educational backgrounds believe that automation and digitization create new jobs or contribute to keeping workplaces in Denmark.

– LO?s survey shows that Danes are technology enthusiasts who don?t fear automation on the labour market of the future. On the contrary, they know that the problem is not new technology but rather old technology, says LO-President Lizette Risgaard.

Danes want continuing education and training

The President also notices that as many as 83 % of workers generally believe that automation and digitization require more continuing training and education. Only 4 percent disagree.

– The survey also shows that Danes see a need for more further- and continuing training and education. The rationale is, that if we are to embrace the opportunities in new technology, we also need to know how to use them. This requires more and better training and education – all throughout life. Especially for those who, today, have many routine tasks – tasks which machines and software will increasingly solve in future.

– But if we are to succeed in the future – leaving no one behind – We also need to ensure that the future workers, the young generation, embarks on vocational training and learns to use new technologies. Politicians need to remember this – cost cutting in vocational schools is toxic to our ability to seize the digital and technological opportunities. Rather, we need to invest in education. The country?s vocational schools are where the sharp minds of the future are educated, concludes LO’s President, Lizette Risgaard.