Nordic conference on the platform economy February 23, 2017

With this conference LO, The Danish Confederation of Trade Unions, aimed to disseminate knowledge about regulatory and organizational strategies for ensuring decent working conditions in the platform economy, making it a driver for a better Labour market.

The conference brought together international experts and the unionist to discuss the most pressing matters of this subject.

Please find the programme and the presentations from the conference below.


Janine Berg, senior economist at the ILO and author of the study ?Income security in the on-demand economy: Findings and policy lessons from a survey of crowdworkers?

Thièbaut Weber, Confederal Secretary at the European Trade Union Confederation

Samuel Engblom, expert in labour law and Policy Director at TCO – The Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees

Dr. Marianne Jenum Hotvedt, author of ?Employer responsibility in the sharing economy?

Christopher Land-Kazlauskas & Hannah Johnston, researchers at the ILO on ?Trade union strategies for the on-demand economy”

Christl Kvam, state secretary of the Norwegian Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs, presenting the work of the Norwegian commission for the sharing economy?s recommendations